November 22, 2015

This year Robert Burridge taught a workshop in the Fall for the experienced painter, having fun with acrylics, collage, and more. Each day started with a demo and some suggested exercises to get the creative juices flowing. IMG 1119 One of the morning exercises was simple figures, working with just one color plus black and white. IMG 1123
In case you can’t read what is on the back of those figure’s jackets, it’s “Bobette.” Those who have taken a workshop with Bob before know what this means! IMG 1125
IMG 1133
IMG 1147
IMG 1148
The weather for the week was spectacular! IMG 1150
IMG 1154
IMG 1158
Our staff likes to have some artistic fun in the kitchen! This was the first night’s meal that we were holding for someone who was going to be arriving late and couldn’t make it in time for the dinner time. IMG 1117 This was a fun class and a great group of artists. If you missed your chance, Bob Burridge will be back again in the Spring of 2016. Sign up now before it fills up.