November 3, 2015

Fran has a gentle approach to teaching; she encourages & inspires her students through her lectures and kindness. Your workshops are still the best of all the others that I have attended (Maine, Vermont, NY, CT).” – Maryfran L.

Great pace, attitude! Lack of stress, love her process of day by day to avoid ‘pre-planning.’ Lets students react to the present opportunities.

Another great workshop with Fran Skiles was enjoyed a couple of weeks ago. Here are some photos for you to enjoy a glimpse into the fun things that happened. IMG 1094
IMG 1095
IMG 1096
IMG 1097
IMG 1098
Freshly made brioche to keep the students nourished! IMG 1100
IMG 3667
IMG 3670
IMG 3671
IMG 3672 If you didn’t have the chance to get into this popular workshop, don’t worry, Fran will be back in 2017.