October 20, 2015

This year’s Fall Artist Retreat was enjoyed by a great group of artists working in a variety of mediums, from encaustics, to oil painting, to structural collage, to felt, to watercolor, to fabrics, and to pen and ink. The colors of Autumn were just beginning to make an appearance during this week. IMG 1057
IMG 1058
IMG 1059
IMG 1060
IMG 1061
IMG 1062
Bree, our ridgeback, didn’t seem to mind sporting a colorful leaf on her head! IMG 1064
This is the painted first bird house created for our flowering fence! Peggy Pepmiller took home one of our blank bird houses during last year’s retreat week and then brought the finished one with her when she took an earlier workshop with us this year. It is now installed on the fence. During this year’s retreat Peggy painted two more bird houses which will be installed on the fence next Spring. We plan to have a birdhouse toper for each post of the fence. IMG 1068
IMG 1070