July 31, 2015

“Alvaro is a masterful teacher!” ” Alvaro painted like mad and was excellent as usual.” “I had heard about Alvaro from my art friends. I learn a lot of new strategies.”

These were just some of the glowing reports we had about the fun week this group had in Alvaro Castagnet’s workshop. The weather was marvelous, so the class enjoyed hopping to a different Hudson River town each day, as well as hanging local to the inn and art studio. IMG 3390
IMG 3391
IMG 3392
IMG 3397
Even artists can vamp for the camera! IMG 3400
IMG 3402
IMG 3404
IMG 3408
IMG 3420
IMG 3423
IMG 3435
IMG 3436
IMG 3442
IMG 3445
IMG 3454
IMG 3457
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IMG 3426
If you missed the chance to join this lively workshop this year, Alvaro will be back again next year, October 16 – 22, 2016, for another 5-day workshop.