April 27, 2015

Ruth Powers was here to teach a 5-day workshop on Picture Piecing – that’s starting with a photo for inspiration and learning to break it down into easy piece-able sections.

This is a close up of one of Ruth’s award-winning quilts.

IMG 3126

This is the start to a piece being created by Corinne Levy of a couple of maple of leaves.

IMG 0764

Then here is the finished piece!

IMG 3123

After finishing the pricing, Corinne was practicing some free-motion stitching.

IMG 3124

Here are couple more closes of two more of Ruth’s marvelous work.

IMG 3127
IMG 3128

Everyone enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of the studio and being able to continue working (or chatting) after hours.

IMG 3129

At the first dinner for the workshop, Ruth surprised us when she presented us with a pieced picture of our Dalmatian, Hudson! She said that she use a photo of Hudson that she found on our website. Thank you so much, Ruth!

IMG 3130