October 5, 2014

John was incredible! Energetic and caring that we become better artists. I attended an art academy for 4 years and John’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.” Melanie Stackhouse

John MacDonald recently taught a 5-day painting workshop. This full class enjoyed painting outside just about every day. They were also the first class of the season to paint at the newly opened Long View Park in New Baltimore. The park had lovely views of rolling fields surrounded by forest that was just starting to change to Autumn colors.

IMG 2678
IMG 2679
IMG 2685
IMG 2689
IMG 2691
IMG 2700

On the one day that rain threatened, the group painted around the Greenville Arms 1889 Inn, home of the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops, just in case they needed to sprint back inside if rain actually started falling. Luckily, it stayed beautiful all day.

IMG 2712

Some people choose to work inside for part of the day to focus on completing paintings that they started on previous days.

IMG 2714

John was always available for some one-on-one instruction and must have logged several miles just at the inn with the group spread out all over the 6 acres!

IMG 2716
IMG 2717
IMG 2720
IMG 2724
IMG 2725
IMG 2727
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IMG 2729

If you didn’t make it into this class, John MacDonald will be back in 2016 with another workshop!