August 19, 2014

Another successful workshop with Esterita (Teri) Austin! Some amazing portraits were created. This first set of photos shows how much progress everyone had made by Wednesday of this 5-day class.

Don’t you just love the mustache! Wait til you see the beard.

IMG 2511
IMG 2512
IMG 2513
IMG 2514
IMG 2515
IMG 2516
IMG 2517
IMG 2518

On the way back to the Main Inn from taking photos, I noticed this baby snapping turtle in the creek that runs through the property. The fish were circling around him in a teasing fashion. It was interesting to watch.

IMG 2520

Back in the Main Inn, the heavenly scent of chocolate filled the air. Marzipan was being enrobed with organic dark chocolate. The marzipan itself was made the day before from freshly ground organic almonds. After Teri tried one she responded with “Wow, I didn’t know I liked marzipan until I tried yours!”

IMG 2524

Here are our two birthday girls in the class, Caroline and Barb.

IMG 2526

Lunch in the Main Inn dining rooms.

IMG 2501

And finally, the class photo with all the wonderful portraits! You can see a video pan of a close up of the group on the Hudson River Valley Art Workshop Facebook PageIMG 2537

Teri will be back again next year, but with a new class – Mono-Printing and Mixed Media Collage. Sure to be another winner!