June 6, 2014

The wonderfully creative and inventive Elizabeth St Hilaire just taught a 3-day workshop to an eager and very happy crew. This is what one student had to say to Elizabeth:

Thank you again for a very special weekend. My hope for any art endeavor is to have my eyes opened allowing me to see things in a new way. You certainly helped me achieve that! When I think of collage, I think of putting paper elements on a page in a mindful way, but your technique of paper painting is so very different. And so eye opening. My brain has been percolating since the weekend and I hope to be able to clear the decks and experiment in the next few weeks.


These are some shots of the workshop and around the inn that Elizabeth’s husband, Doug Nelson, took during the class. Doug is a professional photographer, as you can tell by these amazing photos.

Elizabeth is one of the elite bloggers for the Growing Bolder website and she wrote a lovely piece about her workshop with us.


There was heavy lobbying from the students at the end of class to bring Elizabeth back for another workshop and I’m happy to report that Elizabeth will be returning in 2016, September 25 – October 1, for a 5-day workshop!