May 5, 2014

Mixed media artist, Kathyanne White, brought her knowledge of digital printing on alternative surfaces and dazzled us with the endless possibilities. Her enthusiasm and humor made this class a weeklong party.

These photos show just some of what they were working with, including printing on beverage cans, metal mesh, plastic milk cartons, and more. They also creating some really neat constructions by crocheting wire and bits of printed aluminum cans.

IMG 2107IMG 2103IMG 2104IMG 2105IMG 2106IMG 2108IMG 2109

If you missed this wonderful class, you’ll have to watch for your next opportunity. In the meantime, Kathyanne’s new book, “Digital Printing Alternative Surfaces“, is a great resource. It really is as the title says, “The Definitive Source.”

IMG 2111

Around the inn, Spring is taking shape in the form of loads of blooming daffodils and the greening of lawns and trees.

IMG 2110