October 12, 2011

Eric Wiegardt was here for a week to teach an outdoor watercolor workshop designed to help you “break the niggling detail habbit.” Mother Nature had other designs, however, feeling that our area somehow needed more water! (We don’t!)

But no matter, Eric kept everyone happy and working hard in the studio.


By the time we had a sunny day on Friday, no one wanted to go outside the studio. Instead, they brought a little outside to the inside by picking up several bouquets of flowers to set up in vases around the studio.


Eric will be back teaching for us again in 2013.

Following Eric was our Fall Retreat. We had a wonderful, fun loving group this year with a bunch of regulars and several new folks.


The retreat is a free time for people to work on their art, just relax around the inn, or explore the area. This year most people came for the full 6 nights, but we also offer a 3-night option. Of course, all the people who came just for the 3-nights all wished that they had come for 6!

Next year the retreat week is going to be in the summer — to give people the added bonus of also being able to enjoy the 50 foot outdoor swimming pool at the inn.