Margaret Evans

Sun, March 29 to Sat, April 4 2020

Unleashing the Spirit of the Painting Medium with Margaret Evans

Medium: All Media

Level: All Levels

Location: Studio

Status: Open For Enrollment

Instructor's Website:

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This five-day workshop will cover the identity of each medium we use in painting; it’s strengths & idiosyncrasies. Margaret’s primary medium is pastel; as it comes in many forms and consistencies, she will demonstrate how to get the best from whichever medium you choose to work in. Newcomers will be introduced to pastels and everyone will expand their knowledge, techniques, and styles to suit the medium they work in. By wetting pastels, Margaret will demonstrate how they can look as subtle and ethereal as watercolors, or painterly and impasto styled like oils or acrylics. Mixing with gouache also creates a new painterly technique which celebrates the opacity of gouache in conjunction with the tactile uses of soft pastels.

Work will be mostly studio based, with occasional outdoor sessions on how to sketch and gather painting subjects for working in the studio, as well as demonstrate sketching techniques with watersoluble tools. Subjects will vary from landscapes, still life, figurative & portraits – again showing the adaptability of your medium to each subject.

This is a wonderful opportunity to take risks, experiment and think ‘outside your box’  and expand your knowledge and techniques, as well as learning a few descriptive Scottish words from an expert!

In terms of supplies, Margaret will not insist on particular supplies to bring – she recommends you bring what you have, in the medium/s you work in, and she will show you how to use them or how to expand on them. No need to rush around looking for particular tools that are hard to find! Margaret will also arrange for some paper samples to be available for trying out though you should bring plenty to work on. Margaret will be bringing pastels, gouache, pens/pencils, and watercolors, but more than happy for those who wish oils and acrylics to bring them along too.


Student Feedback

“Margaret was just awesome! I received instruction that will change my use of pastel medium forever. She is so normal and brilliant. She was so good about addressing the needs of every student and medium represented.”

“I wasn’t looking for a vacation, I wanted at least a full week of time to learn and produce art. My questions were well answered, the feedback very helpful and I had plenty of time to work on over 10 pieces of art.”

“Margaret is very versatile, which allowed progress for all.”


About Margaret Evans

Margaret Evans is a Scottish contemporary artist –  an internationally respected tutor & author of numerous teaching art books and dvd’s, as well as teaching workshops worldwide. Her studio is in Highland Perthshire, an area of outstanding beauty in Scotland, approximately 40 miles north of Edinburgh & Glasgow, which also offers a bespoke picture framing service, Art Management Service organizing workshops & painting holiday events for art groups, societies and other teaching professional artists with their own students.

Margaret has a D.A. (Glasgow School of Art) A.T.C ( University of London) & is a signature member of the Pastel Society of America, and a member of the prestigious Glasgow Art Club.

Learn more about Margaret on her website;


Rates & Enrollment

Day Student Tuition: $738.00

Full 5-Day Package*: $1,740.00-$1,908.00* + Service Charge & Tax

*5-Day Workshop Package includes: Tuition for 5 full class days, 6 nights of dinner, lodging, breakfast, daily cookie and fruit breaks, unlimited coffee and tea, and welcoming wine and cheese reception. Your choice between a room to yourself (single occupancy) or bring a friend and split a room (double occupancy).

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