David Dunlop

Sun, July 24 to Sat, July 30 2022

New Directions in Landscapes with David Dunlop

Medium: Oil/Acrylic/Watercolor

Level: All Levels

Location: Plein Air

Status: Wait List Only

Instructor's Website: https://www.paintingclass.net/

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This week of plein air painting will include new directions, techniques and tools for landscape painters. You will work from the panoramic to the close-up with a study of micro environments and subjects.David will demonstrate a variety of new tools, rubber rollers, squeegees, direct transfer techniques like decalcomania and other forms of mono-printing your images without a press to discover many new patterns and textures in your artwork. These novel techniques will serve abstract as well as representational artists as we learn how to work with new materials and methods.

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About David Dunlop

Artist, lecturer and teacher David Dunlop is the engaging host and Emmy Award-winning writer of the 13-episode PBS television series Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop, which debuted to great success in June 2008. The Series was awarded a 2009 Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Writing and a CINE Golden Eagle Award for excellence in television production. David is a modern-day old master whose luminous landscapes draw from both Renaissance techniques and contemporary science.

Learn more about David on his website; https://www.paintingclass.net/


Rates & Enrollment

Day Student Tuition: $765.00

Full 5-Day Package*: $1,917.00-$2,085.00* + Service Charge & Tax

*5-Day Workshop Package includes: Tuition for 5 full class days, 6 nights of dinner, lodging, breakfast, daily cookie and fruit breaks, unlimited coffee and tea, and welcoming wine and cheese reception. Your choice between a room to yourself (single occupancy) or bring a friend and split a room (double occupancy).

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