Katie Pasquini Masopust

Sun, August 14 to Sat, August 20 2022

Grid Work with Katie Pasquini Masopust

Medium: Fabric

Level: All Levels

Location: Studio

Status: Open For Enrollment

Instructor's Website: http://www.katiepm.com/

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A painting or a photograph will be combined with a grid to create an organic structure embraced within the lines. This is a great way to brake down a complex design into doable 5 inch units. You can work with applique, piecing, paper piecing or fusing to create each block. The blocks will be connected with a thin stirp of fabric to create the lines of the grid. Each little block with be constructed, quilted and embellished before they are sewn together in a quilt as you go method.

You can either work from a photograph or a painting, we will all be painting the first day to see what we would like better, creating from a painting or from an inspirational photo. I will supply canvas and/or watercolor paper to paint on.


About Katie Pasquini Masopust

For nearly 30 years Katie Pasquini Masopust has produced high quality contemporary art quilts that have been coveted and collected by a broad range of admirers. From her early beginnings as a painter dabbling in traditional quilt making, her work has evolved from structured Mandalas and mind-blowing dimensional pieces to very painterly landscapes and abstracts executed with the finest fabrics and most creative stitching techniques.

Katie’s easy, energetic manner has made her a very popular teacher and lecturer. When not in residence at her studio in Fortuna, CA she travels the world presenting her contemporary quilting theories and techniques to classes; not only in North America, but in Europe, the Far East, Australia and New Zealand. Awards and accolades have been numerous for Katie, culminating with her 2005 induction into a very select group of art quilt professionals who have earned the Silver Star Award presented by Houston Quilt Festival.

Learn more about Katie on her website; http://www.katiepm.com/


Rates & Enrollment

Day Student Tuition: $750.00

Full 5-Day Package*: $1,902.00-$2,070.00* + Service Charge & Tax

*5-Day Workshop Package includes: Tuition for 5 full class days, 6 nights of dinner, lodging, breakfast, daily cookie and fruit breaks, unlimited coffee and tea, and welcoming wine and cheese reception. Your choice between a room to yourself (single occupancy) or bring a friend and split a room (double occupancy).

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