Denise Labadie

Sun, April 23 to Sat, April 29 2023

Art Quilt Design Intensive with Denise Labadie

Medium: Fiber

Level: All Levels

Location: Studio

Status: Open For Enrollment

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Denise is constantly asked about the “stone”, landscape, and sky fabrics that she uses in her quilts. There just is not much commercial fabric with the types of colors, textures, depth, and complexity that many quilters are looking for. So Denise – and participants – create their own!

Her Art Quilt Design Intensive workshop focuses on teaching her approach to composition, to fabric painting, and on helping her students gain a hands-on understanding of the comparative effects, strengths, benefits, and use – basically, the “what, why, when, and how” – of alternative quilt top construction and finishing techniques.

Each student is asked to bring an enlarged quilt size photo (or large sketch) to act as a quilt or project template to help focus and personalize their compositional, fabric painting, and construction techniques instruction.

Denise’s workshops are highly interactive and very hands-on, and are focused more on the development of student creativity, confidence, and experiential exploration and learning than on rigid, one-size-fits-all lesson plans or patterns – her goal is to teach re-useable and replicable techniques and “lessons learned” that each participant’s own creativity can confidently expand on once away from the classroom. Denise is an accomplished quilter and instructor who enthusiastically, energetically, openly, and warmly shares her knowledge, and her design and color sense, without reservation. Denise’s classes are fun.

The workshop’s format and schedule are designed to maximize opportunities for individualized and focused one-on-one teaching and student feedback.

Note that the workshop is not specifically about stones, or even landscapes, but instead on fabric painting and construction techniques capable of dramatically improving overall quilt design and composition, messaging and storytelling, color and texture, dimensionality, and craftsmanship and design integrity, regardless of quilt theme or focus.

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Student Feedback

“Workshop was excellent. Denise spent more time in the studio with students than any other instructor (in 12 years of attending workshops). Was critical without being abrasive, was instructive without being dictatorial, presented possibilities without mandating.”

“Denise is a fabulous instructor and very generous with her time and knowledge. We were asked to bring a photograph that would be the inspiration for our painted fabric. I not only had an opportunity to create all the fabric but I also got started the quilt while having her feedback on fabric selection and construction. Awesome week!”

“This was my first experience working with paint to create fabric for my design. I learned a great deal. Denise was willing to share her experience, tips and constructive criticism. She was a salt of the earth person, from beginning to end. This course was a perfect choice to begin this new journey.”


About Denise Labadie

Denise creates contemporary art quilt portraits of Celtic megalithic (bronze age) stones and monoliths, and more recent (but still centuries old) monastic ruins. She handpaints most all her own fabric, and uses varying combinations of reverse applique?, turned edge applique?, raw edge applique?, inserting, free-form strip piecing, couching, and “thread shadowing” (a variation on thread painting) to achieve her trademark style.

Denise’s quilts are known for their strong emotionality and, technically, for her hand-painted fabric, her assertive textures and shadowing, her use of color and contrast, and her craftsmanship and technique precision. Viewers are also fascinated that she “builds” her quilts the same way that an actual stone mason builds a wall or structure, each stone (cut from her hand painted fabric) individually appliquéd, working from the ground up.

Denise has been a featured (solo) exhibiting artist and instructor at national exhibitions in the US, France, Italy, China, South Korea, Luxembourg, Germany, The Netherlands, and Spain. She is a multiple Quilt National (USA) award winner (both People’s Choice and the McCarthy Award for Craftsmanship.

Teaching highlights include being an invited landscape and contemporary art quilting instructor at Georgia O’Keefe’s (America’s foremost landscape artist) “Ghost Ranch”, and teaching the prestigious annual Carrefour Séminar Post Carrefour masterclass – only one workshop, and workshop instructor, is selected each year – held in France at the end of each year’s annual Carrefour Européen du Patchwork (Continental Europe’s largest quilt exhibition).

Her work has also been the subject of in-depth articles in multiple French, German, Italian, South Korean, and US magazines – including Art Quilt Collector, FiberArts Magazine, and Art Quilting Studio Magazine.

Learn more about Denise on her website:


Rates & Enrollment

Day Student Tuition: $800.00

Full 5-Day Package*: $2,311.14-2,532.10

*5-Day Workshop Package includes: Tuition for 5 full class days, 6 nights of dinner, lodging, breakfast, daily cookie and fruit breaks, unlimited coffee and tea, and welcoming wine and cheese reception. Your choice between a room to yourself (single occupancy) or bring a friend and split a room (double occupancy).

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