It is SO lovely right now with all the snow

I’ve been taking pictures and Kim has been taking pictures. I’ll do a snow montage shortly.

We went to Holyoke, MA so that Kim could go to a yarn shop. My mom and I went to eat Tibetan food and scoped out two chocolate shops. Decent chocolates but at one, the chocolatier was too heavy handed, literally, the truffles must have weighed a quarter pound each, and the other had their chocolates made elsewhere. My mother thought they all looked stale. Perhaps.

That was New Year’s Eve. This is New Year’s Day. Happy New Year. Don’t forget about the chocolate sale. All those beautiful chocolate now on sale so that I can make more for Valentine’s Day.

You know, I’m not just satisfied created great chocolates, I also want to create works of art. I think I have achieved a measure of that with the cordials and the Tea Set, though, I must say, I also love my Orange Sin (The Cinnamon Ganache). I think I may call it Orangel Sin. 😉