Ma mere, c’est arrivee!

Well, I went down to Virginia with Johnny, my brother, and Carla, his girlfriend, to bring my mother, Joyce, back up to Greenville. I first stopped off in Brooklyn to pick them up. They live in a nice apartment in Brooklyn. We listened to tunes and ate Bergen’s bagels on the way done. Fun but tiring.

My mother was living down there close to my sister and her family. My sister moved to DC so it was time for my mom to leave Danville, last home of the confederacy, and come up and live in lovely Greenville.

Some of you have met her and some have not. You’ll meet her next year. She’ll be around the inn helping in various capacities. It’ll be fantastic.

The move was arduous. I drove the UHaul 12 hours straight. Ouch. John and Carla drove the cars. It took them 14 hours. I got up early and with the help of Mike, our gardener and handyboy, emptied most of the truck. When John and Carla and my Mom got up, they helped with the rest of the furniture. Big heavy pieces. We packed her up in 2 hours, well, packed the truck, she had already done most of the packing, and we unpacked her in about 4 or 5 hours. We didn’t have as many people for the unpacking though it went extremely smoothly. Now it’ll probably take a year or two for her to settle in. She had a lot of stuff. She went from a 3 bedroom with a front parlor and a formal dining room and kitchen to a two bedroom with a sitting room and kitchen. Basically, half the space. We filled up the second to largest UHaul truck.

I was very happy that Johnny and Carla were there to help both with the packing and unpacking. Colette, my sister, helped gather up the small items that needed to be packed at the last. Donald, my brother-in-law and my nieces, aka Children of the Corn, came way too late to help at all. Kim helped with the unpacking. She had to hold down the fort here so could not come. That was too bad.

I’m glad she is finally here. That’s a load off my mind. This is going to be fun having her around. You’ll see.