Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop

We had a wonderful week with David Dunlop and his full class of eager students. David, besides being an award-winning artist and popular teacher and lecturer, is host and Emmy Award-winning writer of the 13-episode PBS television series Landscapes Through Time with David Dunlop.

The group has a week of beautiful weather to go out and paint on location at some of the stunning parks in our area.

A new locations for this year was the Devil’s Tombstone park. The site had a picturesque lake and grand vistas of notch in the mountains. Plus picnic tables for an enjoyable picnic lunch — delivered by us!

IMG 2379
IMG 2381
IMG 2382
IMG 2383
IMG 2384
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IMG 2385
IMG 2386
IMG 2387
IMG 2388
IMG 2390
IMG 2392
IMG 2393
IMG 2397
IMG 2398
IMG 2399
IMG 2400
IMG 2401
IMG 2402
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If you missed this class, David will be back again in 2016!