Art Supplies – August Update

Our mini art supply shop is growing! Here are the latest new products in stock.


Fabric Dye Sticks

Great for drawing designs on T-shirts and fabrics, these soft and blendable colors are like oil pastels. Heat set with iron for permanency. Non-toxic. The 7-Color Set includes: black, blue, green, red, orange, yellow and white. The 15-Color Set includes all of the colors in the smaller set plus brown, blue green, dark green, gray, ochre, pink, sky blue and yellow orange. We also have a 7 piece set.


Frisket Mask Liquid
Dr. Ph. Martin’s

Dr. Ph. Martin’s formula peels off clean without tearing the paper and seals well on most any surface. It’s AP approved non-toxic and conforms to ASTM Standard D-4236. In a 1 oz. bottle.


No-Run Blue Gel Glue

This fun, no-run blue gel glue is easy to use and ideal for paper, cloth, school and craft projects. It is safe and non-toxic, dries clear and remains flexible. The easy to open twist cap allows you to squeeze out the proper amount. Use a damp cloth to clean up, and if dried, wash with soap and water. In a 4 oz. container.


Pen & Ink Watercolor Books
Art Alternatives

Pen & Ink Watercolor Books will inspire you to embrace the immediacy of watercolor and bathe your sketches in color. Each pocket-sized hard-bound book features 122 lb. cold-pressed, acid-free perforated pages, a bookmark, an expandable inner pocket and an elastic closure.


Ampersand Art

Ideal for use with pastels and acrylics, Pastelbord holds pastels better than pastel paper and can be used wet or dry. To rework an area simply wash with water. Available in colors that provide an excellent under painting.


Regular Gels

These gels are creamy like Heavy Body Acrylic colors and are ideal for extending paint and regulating transparency.


Matte Medium

Gives a matte transparency when mixed with colors.


pH Neutral PVA Adhesive
Lineco/University Products

Made of archival polyvinyl acetate (PVA), this white, neutral pH adhesive is an excellent adhesive for bookbinding, collage or general art work. The adhesive spreads well, and has good open time and lay flat characteristics. Dries acid-free, solvent-free and water-soluble.