January 16, 2019

Another new-to-us instructor for 2019 is Montreal-based Michael Solovyev. Joy and reverence are evident in everything he produces, perhaps especially in the deep play of light and shadow. He experiments continuously, challenging himself with a wide range of styles, techniques and media. Michael’s 5-day workshop will run from June 30-July 6, 2019 and still has spots available!

Q: How did you first begin creating art with the medium(s) you’ll be using in your workshop?

MS: I started paint by watercolor when I was five years old. What is interesting, my first watercolor is safe!!

Q: Tell us about your process from idea to finished piece.

MS: I focus on the light. For me, the main thing is to catch the light, not the objects. Building the right balance is the main task. Therefore, in watercolor, I always move from light areas, gradually picking up the tone. And, of course, in no case can you lose transparency!

Q: Tell us a bit about how you plan to conduct your workshop. Will it be more structured with specific tasks for students or will be it be more free form with students exploring their own work with your guidance?

MS: I am very flexible in teaching. Depending on the level of students, I will select exactly those exercises that will help them. I do my best to make my workshops as close as possible to private lessons. Each student receives a large amount of personal attention and help.

Learn more about Michael’s workshop on our website.