August 30, 2017

We were so pleased to welcome Joe “The Quilter” Cunningham to our studio for the first time this year. His workshop came with insightful activities that gently pushed and encouraged all the students to think creatively and with fresh ideas about quilting and quilt blocks. Here’s a few things his students had to say about their experience;

Very enjoyable week with Joe and his guitar! I commuted this time, next time I’ll stay, lovely place!

I have done a workshop with Joe before. I really like his teaching style and the general feel of his workshops.

As always, we’ll share a few of the images we captured here on our blog, but encourage you to also check out the full gallery on our Facebook page. You can also scroll back in our Instagram feed to see what we captured during the class. 

And of course, our video for the week, found on our YouTube channel!