August 9, 2017

An unexpected turn of events brought watercolor artist David Daniels to our studio for two weeks at the end of July. Through two workshops, the studio turned into a vibrant space full of color through the creation of collage and watercolor pieces alike. Here’s a few things his students had to say about their experience;

Wonderful week of painting in an atmosphere of tranquility and inspiration.”

I didn’t know what I was getting into, I thought it would be the usual watercolour but David Daniels was a real surprise. He pitched the course at an advanced level gave us so much theory and instruction we’ll be busy all winter. And he did it all with great humour and fun.

The instruction, as always with Dave, was excellent, and tailored to individual needs. The lighting in the studio was great. Also, this is less tangible–but the group dynamics were terrific, and I appreciated the chance to focus on conversations with friends I hadn’t seen in a long while, especially during dinner.

Dave Daniels creates such a relaxed atmosphere in which to learn and try new things and fosters collaboration between the participants so everyone, no matter where they are starting from, can move forward.”

As always, we’ll share a few of the images we captured here on our blog, but encourage you to also check out the full gallery on our Facebook page; Collage & Watercolor here and Watercolor Studio here. You can also scroll back in our Instagram feed to see what we captured during the class.

 And of course, our videos for the week, found on our new YouTube channel!