July 26, 2017

The first of four watermedia workshops during the month of July brought long time instructor Paul George to us for a long weekend workshop. Here’s a few things the students had to say about their experience;

The workshop was tremendously worthwhile; I felt Paul George’s approach was perfect – low-key, inspirational, and directed. The staff did a superb job of making us all feel welcome, and of course, the food was excellent! I only wish it could have gone on for another few days. Many thanks!

I loved the workshop with Paul George — he was engaging, hugely talented, kind, and clear. I left feeling as if I had really learned some very important perspectives and practical steps. I felt very inspired.

First, thank you for a lovely experience. In many ways it exceeded my expectations, particularly with respect to the bonding of the participants and instructor. I don’t know if that was particular to our group or just the way things go when you have like-minded people who are all gathered for a similar pursuit. The staff was kind and welcoming.

As always, we’ll share a few of the images we captured here on our blog, but encourage you to also check out the full gallery on our Facebook page. You can also scroll back in our Instagram feed to see what we captured during the class.

And of course, our video for the week, found on our new YouTube channel!