November 2, 2016

Class was life enriching. I am thrilled to have spent time with Cynthia before she retired. This is the best environment in which to create!” – Cheryl K. “Cynthia has the ability to bring out our most creative self. This is a lovely inn. You make sure we are comfortable and well-fed, including afternoon cookies. The workroom/studio is excellent, wonderful light and super chairs.” – Sharon C.

It was a great week with Cynthia Corbin as she taught a 5-day workshop to a full house of students. We even “ordered up” a little snow to the delight of our 3 Californians! The students all said they had an amazingly productive week and I only wish I had had the opportunity to stop in the studio to take more pictures. IMG 2375
Except for the one day of light snow, we had some gorgeous Fall weather and there was still plenty of colorful leaves to enjoy. IMG 2377
IMG 2379
IMG 2380
IMG 2387
Cynthia gave a nice presentation about her work and inspiration after dinner one of the nights. IMG 2390
IMG 2392
A bit of snow on Wednesday! IMG 2395
IMG 2397