August 10, 2016

It was another incredible week with David Dunlop taking his students on a trip through time, visiting the vistas and inspiration of the Hudson River artists of the 1800’s, then cruising up through the Luminists, Tonalists, and Impressionists. With each era, David demonstrated their techniques and discussed their methods and tools. The week finished up with the 21st century and talking about new tools, new materials, and new ways of looking at landscapes. If you missed this year’s class, David will be back again in 2018! This is shot at the Rensselaerville Falls in Huyck Preserve. IMG 2114
IMG 2105
IMG 2112
Tailgate Party! IMG 2122
IMG 2095
IMG 2096
The next several photos were shot at North-South Lake in Haines Fall, NY. IMG 3882
IMG 3886
IMG 3887
IMG 3888
IMG 3905
IMG 3907
IMG 3908
IMG 3910
IMG 3913