May 10, 2016

It seemed like a week-long party during Robert Burridge’s Abstract Acrylic Painting and Collage workshop.

Bob makes it fun – very informative, his color wheel made the process easier to understand. I’m very excited to continue and experience Bob’s class!” – Diane D.

They also worked hard in the studio. Bob started each morning with a short lecture and demo, then assigned a warm up exercise to the students to get them going. After that everyone could work in the their own direction, if they chose. IMG 1762
IMG 1773
Chef Mark got to step out of his chef-ing duds and into his painting gear for a little side trip into abstract painting. He enjoyed working in a series themed around cellos (he has recently taken it once again) and other musical instruments. IMG 1776
IMG 1778
IMG 1779
IMG 1780
IMG 1781
Then there was the Bob and Mark after-dinner entertainment show! Both Bob and Mark come from a tradition of entertainment and magic and they traded off with each other presenting fun close-up magic tricks, to the delight of the audience! IMG 1784
IMG 1788
IMG 1789
This is one of Bob’s famous floral demos. IMG 1790 More of Bob’s morning demos. IMG 1791
IMG 1792
Mark with his vintage card trick duck! The duck was his fathers, who was a comedian, vaudeville entertainer, and musician. IMG 1797 More rope tricks by Bob! IMG 1802
IMG 1805
IMG 1806
IMG 1808
IMG 1809
At the final night’s dinner, the student’s presented Bob with a card and gift. IMG 1813 It was sad to see such a happy group leave at the end of the week, but Bob will be back again next year in June. Before Bob left, he and Mark had their heads together quietly scheming about an even more elaborate after-dinner show for next year! Don’t miss it, sign up now.