May 4, 2016

Koo Schadler is an exceptional instructor, knowledgeable, able to impart and share her talents – and very personable.” – Kappy P.

Koo is brilliant and she’s a brilliant, effective teacher. She solves problems after analyzing and makes the complex easier with a systematized, logical approach.” – Lea B.

Koo Schadler was here last week teaching her very popular egg tempera workshop. IMG 1727 Koo always supplies the fresh eggs for mixing the paints (egg yolks and pigment). IMG 1725
There was a wide variety of subject matter, from the simple to the complex and Koo’s process made it all possible. IMG 1731
IMG 1732
IMG 1733
IMG 1741
IMG 1742
IMG 1743
IMG 1745 Koo will be returning again in 2019! Plan ahead.