April 4, 2016

The 2016 workshop season has been begun! We started last week getting the last things squared away and set up for the workshop. The art supply shop was stocked and organized. IMG 1601 Log Cabin Fabrics brought over a tempting array of fabric and notions. IMG 1602
IMG 1603
IMG 1604 Baked a new supply of pumpkin parsley dog biscuits for when we get canine guests. IMG 1592 Then Grace Errea’s class checked in on Wednesday to begin their 4 night / 3 day class retreat!

Everything was wonderful. I wasn’t sure what to expect as this was my first visit. Grace was an excellent instructor. I was able to finish my project, too!” – Joan s.

This is Grace’s latest book. IMG 1612 Everyone eagerly got right to work. Grace provided plenty of demonstrations on her “heat-set” appliqué technique. IMG 1606
IMG 1614
IMG 1616 Outside the studio we had beautiful Spring weather. IMG 1618 Inside we had frogs! These are some of Grace’s pieces that she brought to show to the class. IMG 1622
More of Grace’s. IMG 1625 The cat is taking shape. The clear plastic overlay is used to aid in positioning the pieces. IMG 1626 An orchid coming together. IMG 1627 Hibiscus, too. IMG 1628
IMG 1629
IMG 1631
The orchid is finished, ready for placing on a background and stitching. IMG 1632 Class mascot, fast asleep. IMG 1634 Then on the last day, this happened! Winter seemed to finally arrive. It only looked this way first thing in the morning. A couple hours later it was completely gone. But we enjoyed the beautiful serenity of the snow-covered landscape while it was there. IMG 3789
IMG 3790
IMG 3791
IMG 3792
IMG 3793
IMG 3794