August 26, 2015

Tony surpassed my expectation. He was so generous with sharing his knowledge and with such humor!
Tony is a good instructor, personable, and makes class fun & challenging.
Tony is always wonderful and kind and very generous with his amazing talent.”

What more is there to say? Tony van Hasselt’s full workshop had a great time painting outside at the many inspiring locations, from out at the farm to down by the Hudson River. IMG 3553
IMG 3561
After a hard day painting, Tony’s group liked to gather on the front porch for wine or beer and lively discussion. IMG 1019 Before he left, Tony enriched our art reference library with a copy of his book, the “Watercolor Fix-it Book,” and five of his DVDs. These are available for guests to view at any time during their stay. IMG 1021 If you missed your chance to get into this class, don’t worry – Tony will be back again in 2017.