April 15, 2015

Natalya Aiken, a fiber artist from New York, just taught a three day workshop on her process of combining her love of photography, architecture, with art quilts.

IMG 3099

These are some of Natalya’s work. The detail and texture on these pieces are magnificent and the photos don’t do them justice.

IMG 0722

Natalya brought her printer and provided rolls of printable surfaces.

IMG 0723

Here is something from one of the students; images that were manipulated in PhotoShop and then printing on sheer fabric.

IMG 0724

A closer look at the printer, an Epson, I believe.

IMG 3096

More student work exploring combined images, stitching for texture, and printing.
IMG 3097

Here is Jane in her corner of the studio with various prints hanging on her design boards.

IMG 3098

You can read more about Natalya’s work in our interview with her on our blog.