October 20, 2014

Another fun and productive artist retreat week came to a close last Saturday. We enjoyed seeing the “regulars” as well as meeting several new artists. Some folks came for the full 6 nights and some for 3 nights.

John Skrabalak is one of our regulars and calls the retreat his muse. He completed at least 10 canvases this week! Last year his retreat paintings all went to a one-man show in which several of the pieces sold.

IMG 2754

As is was a smallish group this year, everyone was able to take full advantage of the space in the studio to spread out around multiple tables.

IMG 2753
IMG 0523

Colleen was amazingly productive, too, even though she was here for only three days. She worked on multiple pieces at the same time. Colleen originally discover us when her medium was fiber/fabric, but then she discovered a collage technique that allowed her to still work with the layering of color but at a much faster pace!

IMG 0524

Colleen’s friend Dawn also painted some fabulous abstract collages in grays. I loved these!

IMG 0525

Meanwhile, outside we had unusually warm weather and bright sunny skies, perfect for walks around the “back forty” to work off the chocolate chip and snicker doodle cookies enjoyed during cookie break time!

IMG 0520