August 11, 2014

Peter Fiore was recently here teaching “Beyond the Photograph,” a workshop about using photography as reference material for oil paintings. He discussed how to interpret light, key your paintings, control color, and create solid value structures.

This was the second time that Peter has taught a workshop with us and each time by the time the week is over, we can’t wait to schedule him for a return!

IMG 2412
IMG 2413
IMG 2414

Peter’s wife, Barbara, was also here and caught us as we were about to take our dogs out for a walk. Barbara is also a marvelous ceramic scupture artist. I just love the whimsical figures she creates.

Kim and mark hi res

We kept everyone happy and well fed. This is a shot of one of the dinner dishes, Gai Yang, a Thai BBQ chicken served with mango slices on top of sticky coconut rice.

IMG 2405