July 6, 2014

Start with inks and acrylics, add a touch of collage and a pinch of print making and you have the perfect recipe for a mixed media masterpiece!

That was the starting point of the description for Cathy Taylor‘s 3-day workshop, and from there it was just 3 days packed with Cathy sharing her expertise and passion for her medium, as well as loads of laughter and story telling.

Marcia brought with her a bunch of “failed” paintings and turned them into winners with the application of the techniques she learned from Cathy.

IMG 2331
IMG 2330
IMG 2332

The first day Cathy had the group creating masses of altered collage papers with CitraSolv and National Geographic magazines. It was amazing to see the cool effects with the colors on the different pages.

IMG 2333

A woven collage of altered papers.

IMG 2351

Next on the agenda were those amazing alcohol inks! The vibrancy of the colors was outstanding!

IMG 2334
IMG 2335
IMG 2336

This is one of the stencils that Cathy had available for the students to use.

IMG 2337
IMG 2338

Another of Marcia’s transformed paintings!

IMG 2347
IMG 2348
IMG 2349
IMG 2350

Be sure to watch for Cathy Taylor’s new book from Shiffer Publications due out in the Fall – Pigments of Your Imagination, Creating with Alcohol Inks.NewImage