June 15, 2014

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How long have you been teaching and what got you started?

I have been teaching for over 15 years. I got started when I was in a painting class and everyone kept on asking me questions on how to improve their paintings.
I always felt good if I helped some student get one step better, bring their painting up a notch, and solve a difficult stumbling block for them.

What is your favorite part about teaching?

I always see how important and serious most painters and students are about their paintings. I see each student putting their heart and soul into each of their paintings and if I can guide them into a better and more successful painting, they truly appreciate it as well as I do.

What are the best reasons for taking a workshop from you?

Over the past 15 years, of teaching and critiquing art shows, I always say I have the ability of taking their painting UP a Notch. I never let a student start a painting without a good design. They can work for weeks on a painting but without a good design, It will never be a good and successful painting. I have designed very logical steps to start and complete an oil Painting. My mantra for my all my students is… Slow and Accurate. Be accurate with each step along the way…. color application, design, perspective, calligraphy etc. Doing it slow and accurate will assure the student in creating a successful painting.Image 6

What are you working on in your own art?

I have joined a web site called Daily Paintworks. I create a small painting every other day and post in onto this site…. working on 6 x 6 and 6 x 8 inch paintings is very exciting.
All of the knowledge that I have learned has to be applied for a large as well very small painting. Its exciting to create a good painting in a couple of hours and see in on an auction where potential buyers will buy my painting.

Where is your art currently exhibited?

I have a gallery in Southampton ( Chrysalis Gallery) and I have a yearly show every June or July… I will have one of these on July 4th. I also exhibit my work at a gallery in Weston , Ct and a beautiful Gallery in Manhasset , Long Island called Tripani art gallery.Image 5

What hints would you give for getting gallery representation:

An artist has to have a theme in their work… Landscapes, or seascapes, still lifes, floral etc. You can of course vary it, but you should be known for a particular theme.
You should be proud of your work. Know that it is good art and know that you can produce paintings on a regular basis. If you know that you need to be in a gallery, find a gallery that you love. walk in , look around and start getting acqainted with the sales people. Ask questions and drop a hint that you paint and if you wanted to show your work to someone in the gallery, how would I go about it?

Do you set your work in any online gallery?

Daily Paintworks… I do small paintings and create about 4 a week. The paintings go on auction.

What is your favorite art quote?

My Mantra for my students is To create a successful painting you must think… SLOW AND ACCURATE! Take each step and make it accurate, Perspective, design, accurate color, thought out harmony and rich paint application.

Describe your studio:

I have a wonderful studio in Syosset, Long Island New York, above the American Legon center. I have room for 12 easels where I run classes and do my painting. Its very bright, and quiet.

Name five of your “can’t” do without tools/products.

  • clean and new brushes
  • Kings blue from williams burg
  • Gessoboard panels
  • Bounty towels
  • good lighting


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