April 7, 2014

Rayna Gillman asked “Has your creative muse taken a vacation?” and a fun-seek group of women responded! They spent three glorious days slicing, dicing, and combining strips, squares and rectangles in new ways without a plan. I don’t know that these women’s muse had really “taken a vacation” because they seem to have plenty of creativity. I think they just liked the idea of “new ways to create without a plan!”

Mary Beth said, “This was my first quilting experience and I was delighted! Rayna allowed me to experiment, yet offered valuable instruction with many options. She was readily available to assist me in design, composition decisions. I thoroughly enjoyed working in an environment surrounded by superb art, from the quilts on our bed to the dining room area. We were treated to all sort of art treasures.

These photos show just a glimpse of the wonderful things created in this workshop. The three days seemed to speed by.

IMG 1986IMG 1987IMG 1988IMG 1989IMG 1990IMG 1991