November 27, 2013

The International Quilt Market/Festival in Houston, Texas is the largest event of its type, bring in 10s of thousands of attendees from around the world every year. Market is the trade show part where people working in the industry can get a preview and first hand experience with new products, trends, and techniques. It features a wholesale vendor show, business classes and lectures. This is a great conference to get you pumped with excitement and ideas.

Festival is for the general public and it features a retail vendors show (huge!) and also classes and lectures.

One of the highlights for many, including me, is the vast array of exhibits of fiber art, from traditional to art and everything in between.


Below are several examples of pieces in the exhibits. These happen to be by people who will be teaching workshops for us in 2014 or 2015.

This first one is by Jane Sassaman, teaching here next December. Her piece won the The Baby Lock Master Award for Innovative Artistry.


This beautiful rendition of a winter landscape is by Ruth Powers, who will be teaching for us in 2015.


This amazing piece is by David Taylor (the fiber artist from Colorado, not the watercolorist from Australia), who is teach a workshop for us in the summer of 2014.


Next up is a fabulous work by Sheila Frampton-Cooper, who is teaching a workshop for us in 2015.


Finally, a grouping of works by Lenore Crawford who is teach a workshop for us next Fall.


If you are interested in seeing more photos of the exhibits, I have a much longer post on my Crazy By Design blog.