March 19, 2013

The first workshop of the 2013 season has begun! Katie Pasquini Masopust is teaching an eager group her process of taking an abstract watercolor painting and translating it into an art quilt.

The first day was spend painting. This was a very freestyle non-intimidating session of using watercolors and experimenting with methods of creating interesting texture and design.

By the afternoon everyone had a slew of paintings to choose from. Katie worked with each person to find the one magic portion of a painting that would translate well into fabric.

The next step was to trace the design and then get the design enlarged on paper. Thanks to the excellent service at Dataflow in Albany, Katie was able to zip up there at the last minute to get all the copies made and still make it back to the inn just in time for dinner.

It was a good thing that all this was done the first day because that night it started snowing! What’s with this snow — it almost Spring!


While the weather outside was frightful, inside the studio was delightful. Today everyone was hard at work on their designs.


The main inn dining room provides as nice warm place for lunch and shopping.


At cookie break time at 2:30pm, some of the students decide that a little snow shoveling was the perfect thing to work out the kinks of sitting in the studio and an appetite for the warm chocolate chip cookies.


No, they didn’t have to do the entire parking lot and driveway! The snow plow came soon after they finished with the path between the studio and the main inn.