June 27, 2012

We were so lucky to have Carol Marine return to us to teach another wonderful workshop. However, we had to keep a close eye on anything that wasn’t nailed down and was suitable subject matter for a still life! Plates, bowls, glasses, flatware — it all made it’s way into the studio. No matter — Carol had her crew doing amazing paintings with all this simple stuff.

No, the hamster was NOT something found in the inn dining rooms, but I just love the painting. Our daughter had hamsters like this when she was little. She always named them Hamlet.


I enjoyed strolling around the studio to see all of the Stuff the people brought from home as subjects for their paintings.


Carol was a tireless instructor. She spent a lot of time with each of her “kids”.


On the last day of the 5-day class, the group gathered on porch of the South Cottage (this was Carol room) for a class photo. This was also part of the lesson. Carol was explaining to the class some tips for taking good reference photos outdoors.


What a happy crew! They were such fun to have at the inn.