April 9, 2012

We were finally able to get Laura Wasilowski, of Artfabrik.com and Chicago School of Fusing fame, to come to the Hudson River Valley Art Workshops to teach a workshop.


She came to teach her 3-day workshop, Couching Thread, Hidden Needle! She was spreading the joy of taking your fused quilts from flat to fabulous with hand embroidery.

Artfabrik.com is Laura’s hand-dyed fabrics and threads company and she brought a tempting array for the students to purchase.


The first day of the class was spend on Fusing Basics and creating fabulous fun fused floral fancies for later embellishing with stitching. Here are several examples.


The second day the embroidery threads came out and Laura showed how to use various stitch patterns to embellish and enhance the fused quilts design. She also demonstrated other useful ways to use the colorful threads!


Here are some shots of the student’s work with some very creative use of hand stitching.


The next workshop coming up is with Esterita Austin on April 12 – 15. A 3-day workshop on working with sheer fabrics and mono printing for still life or portraits. Always a wonderful workshop!

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