March 26, 2011

Kerby Smith arrived to today in preparation for his workshop “Point and Shoot Fabric”, which starts tomorrow. He arrived while we were all up to our necks making, packing, and shipping chocolate orders (trying to be finished by the time everyone arrives tomorrow!)

Kerby is a professional artist photographer and he will be teaching the students how to take great digital photos and then manipulate them in PhotoShop Elements to create unique artistic expressions. He will then show you how to print the images on fabric to use in art quilts or mixed media collages.

This image is an example of what the class will be exploring! I think the lavender chocolate has gone to his head! This is definitely going to be a fun workshop.

Nancy with Bunnies and Fish.jpg

There is still room in the class, so if you are the spur of the moment type there is still time to sign up! The actual class days will be March 28 thru April 1.