August 11, 2010

I can’t believe it is a month since my last blog post. I guess we’ve just been having too much fun with the workshops.

Now let’s see . . . where did I leave off.

Yes, the wonderful weekend with Larkin Van Horn (she’ll be back in 2012!)

Following Larkin, was another fantastic workshop taught by Rayna Gillman – Deconstructing the Screen.

This is Rayna giving a little trunk show of her own work.

This was a wonderful class made up of both fiber artists, wearable art artists, and print makers. A marvelous convergence of ideas and talent.

If you’re wondering about the pile of white fabric on the tables, it is
the mother lode of machine-made lace. It was donated to us by an inn
guest of ours who was downsizing. The piles use to fill 4 tables, but
now it is down to just 2. It is free for the taking, so if you’re in the
area stop by soon before it is all gone!

The railing on the North Cottage was turned into a drying rack / display!

The rope lines strung between trees in the back of the studio also featured a colorful display every day.

Rayna and Calli talk about screen printing. Calli is the sister of Koo Schadler. Koo teaches an egg tempera class for us. (Koo is coming next year – sign up early as her class always fills quickly.)