June 21, 2010

David Daniels, master of brilliant watercolors, was here teaching a 5 day workshop last week. Everyone was having such a wonderful time that that week just flew by.

I did a chance to pop into the studio to see them at work a couple of times.

This was a studio workshop, so folks worked from sketches and/or photographs. With all of the conveniently located electrical plugs all over the studio, working from photos on a laptop was easy.

Dave brought two of his paints to the workshop. He happened to be taking them, after the workshop, to an exhibit in Oneonta, NY.

He doesn’t mount his paintings under glass, as a lot of watercolorists do. Instead he varnishes them, providing protection to the painting but eliminating the worry of glare from a glass covering. One caveat though is that due to the varnish, his paintings are no longer, technically speaking, watercolors.

The class turned out some great work. I wish I had taken more individual photos!

But not to worry, Dave will be back teaching for us in 2012!