May 6, 2010

The laughter and fun that this group is having is what makes this business all worthwhile to me!

Yesterday, they went to the town of Athens, which is about 20 minutes from our inn. There is a riverside park and an interesting town of quaint old buildings.

Alvaro started the morning with a demo, as he had done each morning.

Alvaro looks happy with the results! (That’s him in the black shirt.)

But Alvaro wasn’t the only one with a big grin.

Here is Sarah and Claude doing their best “Dancing with the Stars” pose. I’ll bet Mark was talking about how he and I met in a Tango class!

Renee, one of a number of students who came from Canada to take the workshop, looks like she is enjoying the sunny Spring weather.

And here is Alvaro flashing his Facebook avatar pose!

The Hudson River Valley Art Workshops is also on Facebook.

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