August 30, 2007

So, the mystery is only half solved. However, I do have the scoop on the tasting menu. It’s 6 courses, the entire table has to get it and there is no wine pairing. Also, it’s $80 per person. Cheap! Cheap!

So, what’s on the menu? Well, for that you’ll have to wait and see. We have got to go back soonest. If anyone knows Robert’s last name, you’ll get a chocolate from me if you come here and get it. 😉 Oh, and plus my undying gratitude.

Next year, I’ll be doing a 4-5 course menu, more of a tasting style. Small portions of loveliness. Remember, the menu will be molecular and physical gastronomy. I have a blog entry on this.

2 Responses to “Perilla Pastry Chef is Robert (no last name yet)”

  1. Well, Village Don, thanks for the information. I owe you a chocolate and my undying gratitude.

    Well, we went to Part Avenue Autumn yesterday. And, arg, I didn’t take pictures. Sigh. Next time, I promise. Well, first we went to Jacques Torres place on Hudson. Very cute. The hot chocolate was fantastic though next time, I will only have a small sip. It played havoc with my lactose intollerant body. I’d like to say it was worth it but I can’t. Afterwards, we went out to each at Provence. A nice little neighborhood place. The scallops I had were good but needed to be washed again. Nuff said about that. Come on people, this is easy stuff. The food was good and they take credit cards. We almost went to salt and will next time.

    So, we had dessert, and then a started restaurant for lunch. Afterwards we went to The Grammercy (Gramercy) Park Hotel Rose bar, which is right next to the Jade bar. It’s nice but if you have a large party, beware of the no moving furniture problem and the stools. Shudder.

    For dinner, we went to Autumn. Had a great time. Beatiful food. We ate at 8:30 but we could only get 9:45 reservations at Perilla or we would have done that. I so wanted to see what Robert Curran was doing. Next time. Later, I’ll give a more comprehensive review of Autumn and the tell about the rest of what we did.