August 25, 2007

We love all the workshops here at the Hudson River Valley Workshops but every now and then, we get a combination of personalities that just makes it that much more fun. And we know who we are talking about here. 😉

Here’s the man himself. What a genius.

And his fun lovely crew.

See what I mean?

Who’s that beautiful dame?

And for just a lively class, we had some great quiet moments.

A quiet moment.

Another quiet moment.

And another quiet moment.

And yes, Chestina, I’m even more handsome now than when you last saw me. Oh, and the tomato salad recipe is on the blog. I just put them up. WRT to the cookies, I basically use the dark chocolate chip recipe off of the Nestlé’s bag with extra chips and a little more butter and a little less baking powder.