August 18, 2007

Hokay! For those of you that don’t know, I’m a chocolatier. That’s sort of like an En-gin-eer of chocolates.

I’ve put together some new chocolates. They are not yet on the menu.

I’ve completed my coffee set:

Café Americano — white chocolate with Keoke flavors and a Brazilian coffee bean.

Café con Leche — milk chocolate shell with an exquisit dark chocolate coffee ganache. This ganache has no milk or butter in it. It is strictly a coffee blend, Kona with some other coffees. Yes, this has Kalhua in it and yes this also has a coffee bean in it.

Tinto — dark chocolate inside and out. This is a dark chocolate shell with the same dark chocolate coffee ganache as in the Cafe con Leche but no coffee bean.

In the Colombian coffee world, tinto means black coffee. Espresso like. Literally tinto (think tint) means ink and is used for red wine and for coffee. Café con Leche is obviously coffee with milk and is a caramel color. This is like Café Au Lait. Café Americano is actually espresso cut with boiling water. About 6 oz of water to a shot of espresso. In this case, I used white chocolate with coffee added to it. It’s light and yummy.

Now what most of you don’t know, I’m creating a tea set. Yup. That’s right. Tea! Ask about them. Give us a call: 518 966 5219. You can have the chocolates shipped.

I’m still waiting for the pictures from Kim. She’s downloaded the pictures but has not gottem them to me yet. Their coming. don’t worry.