August 6, 2007

Aaarggghhh! Well, I was 1/2 way to Poughkeepsie when I got the call from ChocoVision. After I was told that my machine, the ChocoVision Delta, was ready, and after I was already on the road, I was then told that no, there were problems in the testing.

Come on folks. I understand it’s a new machine but you have it in production. Every time I call to get a machine, they have to make one by hand and then after testing, if it fails, it seems that they have to make another one and do another 8-hours of testing.

Perhaps you should be making two of these things. If one fails, maybe the other will be good. My advise? Wait a few months before buying the Delta. The people at ChocoVision are somewhat responsive but I think that the machine is probably no production ready or they’d be making them more regularly and not custom per each customer call.

I’ll keep you informed of how the machine is doing and when I eventually get a machine, how well it works. Right now, I’m afraid to plug Christine back in.

The Delta is supposed to not have the thickening problem and is supposed to keep the chocolate in temper for 24 hours to 2 weeks, but I have not seem any evidence of this behavior. I haven’t yet seen any evidence of any behavior.

And, here’s a question for you, why aren’t you people working on the weekends to get these machines finalized? I mean, in technology companies, working weekends is de rigeur, hell, it’s de facto.

Anyway, even after all this, I’m still looking forward to putting this into production. Joe Cravino says I can process 200 lbs a day with a 40 kilo melter. We’ll see. I’d like to process just the 10 lbs that this machine can do first.