June 23, 2006

InnSane House Painting

No, not painting workshops, nor fiber (hey it is our blog after all) rather we’ve been having the house painted. Scott, our local painter, has started and finished painting the house. Normally, he paints for a few weeks but this time, because he had a helper and the weather cooperated, he finished all the painting in a week or so. Maybe a little longer.

The place is too big to paint all at once so he does different buildings each year. So far so good.

We had the front and back porches painted as well as the gables and the main house in general. The port-cochere also was painted. I also had to fix one of the “Bilco” (Basement) doors. Whew! It looks beauteous.

Speaking of the beautiful, our second set of flowers are in bloom. Pictures coming. Everything is beautiful… in Greenville. Kim’s fine. The dog is good. And all is right with the world.