June 16, 2006

This class has gotten more treats than any other class. Let me list them.

Truffles — other classes got truffles but because they are quickly expiring and because I’ve been trying to save them by having them get absorbed by eggs, they got the truffled eggs as well as plenty of truffles in the Mac and Cheese, another treat.

Mac and Cheese — a dish for next year. Nuff said. Yum.

Toasted Cheese — another comfort food dish for next year. I perfected it here. Basically, a mini-cheese brioche with embedded cheese, sshh a secret, baked to a crispy yum. They got this twice. First as an app second as bread.

Guacayumyum — homemade guacamole with chips. Yummer.

Vegetarian delights — our vegita got a special tofu fried thin with sesame-oil and chimichurri sauce. (Or as John puts it, Chimchiminey Sauce.) Also, she’s getting some great pasta tomorrow with a peanut sauce. I’m trying out some vegetarian yummers.

The Big Moose — yup, I tried out and perfected the ultimate Dark Chocolate Mousse. This one is either a chocoholics dream or nightmare. One of our guests, a chocoholic going through withdrawals, put away two! Well, one and a half. And yes, this is more chocolately than Life by Chocolate. Last year’s Chocolate Mousse is a squirt gun compared with this magnum.

This is above and beyond our normal special food. When the truffles run out, I’ll be switching to steak and eggs. Another dish for next year and one I’ll be working, yum, on, yum, this, yum, year.