June 16, 2006

They are finally here. Honest.

First the maestro. Relaxed. Ready to instruct.

Ready to eat.

Ready to take photos?

Ready for paella!

We served the paella on Monday. This is usually a Friday dish to top off the week.

Ready for paella?

Kim doesn’t like wearing her jacket but when she helps me carry out the paella, she does. Don’t worry. She’s happy on the inside.

And where did the happy painters paint? At Campbell farm, and may other places.

Ready to paint.

Really ready to paint. This is one serious coffee drinker, not to mention painter.

The famous painting titled “The Salad Eaters.” This class wore very colorful clothing. They’re a painting themselves.
and more eating…

And finally our chocoholic.

I made this very intense, 74% dark chocolate mousse, using Dagoba chocolate, New Moon, and as she was 1/2 way through, John, one of our waiters, took it away. He does this consistently. So, hold on to your dessert when you get here. Be warned. He’s good but zealous. So, I just so happen to have an extra, and she got it and ate it. Whew! 74% dark chocolate, people. That’s deserves some recognition. Even Peter didn’t want seconds. I call that dessert, The Big Moose.

Last year I made the mousse out of Callebaut 55%! That’s a mouse compared to The Big Moose.

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