8 Responses to “July Pastel and Pastel Painting Workshop Classes, Betsy Apgar-Smith, Margaret Evans, David Dunlop”

  1. Well, if you sign in as anonymous, I have little to go on as to who is writing. So, I thought you meant the classes. However…

    Sign up could mean… We have a non-painting or non-quilting companion price that includes the gourmet meals and logging. So, next time, you can come if you desire. The non-art companion is cheaper because there is no tuition in the price.

  2. Anonymous

    Sorry I’ve been confusing. I actually thought of coming this time as a non-participating spouse, but we”ve got a lot of stuff going on at home that I needed to be here for. Next time . . . .

    So when do we get to see those pictures of this week’s participants?

  3. I still have pictures from two other workshops to put up. So, probably next week. I’ve only taken a couple as it is.

    Your spouse will be home before these pictures go up. I usually don’t put them up till the workshop is done.